Security Duties

Necessary conditions to be trained a dog on the safety duties are to be more than 18 months, to have excellent knowledge of basic obedience, his character and the breed in which belongs to be such that the dog has the proper instincts protection - storage.

The safety duties in which can be trained a dog are separated in three categories:

  1. Dog "alarm": Essentially it is the training which receives a dog to alert anytime his owner for potential threat. Any dog regardless of the breed is owned can take on this training with only condition his character.
  2. Space guard: This is the training that a dog receives in order to prevent the unknowns' entry in his space and if that does not happen it attacks in order to immobilize the attacker and not to injury him.
  3. Bodyguard: This is the training that a dog receives to protect people.

For any training in safety duties that listed above is not used violence but the dog's encouraging and rewarding for his instinctive reactions in various stimuli. This means that if a dog does not have innate instinct of guard, the trainer can not and should not made this kind of training with dog pressure because this will create fears to the dog and the result will not the desired.

A trained dog at the safety duties is not a wild dog with uncontrollable behavior. The dog which is trained in safety duties is calm and friendly with family members but with strangers is always cautious but never aggressive without receiving the appropriate order from his owner. Even when a dog guard is attacking after his owner's appropriate prompt, his goal is not to "eat" the bad guy but to immobilize him.

Absence of the owner the dog with his barking prevents someone stranger to enter in his space and he attacks only when his space is violated.

A key point of the training also is the owner's training at the right way that he will handling his dog. So the owner's presence at the site of Dog Village during the training is necessary.