Basic Obedience

Basic obedience is necessary for a harmonious dog-human co-existence and is as important for the puppy as it is for the child in his early years. As a child has to learn what is good and bad so the dog must learn what is acceptable and what isn’t.

In basic obedience the dog learns to respond to certain simple but vital commands such as: “Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “Stay there!”, “Come here!”, “Don’t!”, “Stop!” “O.K.”, “Heel!”, which allow the owner to communicate with his dog, make sure that he is safe and even, in certain circumstances, to preserve his life.

Unfortunately many dog owners try various ways to train their dogs – often without success, reaching an impasse – before resorting to a dog-training school. This often means that the dogs have been treated with some degree of violence which creates additional problems, making them fearful or antisocial.

Basic obedience training can start at the age of 6 months. Puppies that have undergone pre-training from this age will have a more balanced and calmer character, so the basic obedience process will be easier and faster owing to the dog’s participation.

In the Dog Village your pet’s training will be carried out mainly through games, with patience and perseverance and without any resort to violence, all of which you can ascertain not just by visiting us but, even more importantly, by participating in the courses we run, which is not just desirable but necessary if we are to achieve the best results.

The main factor in successful training is the owner’s insistence on what is acceptable and what not. He must be clear, rewarding his pet in the right way at the right time so that it understands what and what not to do. To this end the owner’s attendance and participation in the course is really necessary, as it is as much he himself as the dog who must learn to communicate in the most effective way.

After the completion of basic obedience courses the owner and his dog can participate in group training courses, organized either at Dog Village or in different parts of town, with a view to reinforcing basic commands and your pet’s socialization.

At the completion of the basic obedience course the owner and his dog can participate, free of charge, in the group training courses which will be held either at the Dog Village or in different parts of town, with the aim of reinforcing the basic commands and your dog’s socialization. Group training gives dogs the opportunity to operate in an environment with people, dogs, noise, traffic, remaining obedient to basic commands whatever the distractions.

Group training courses give you and your dog a chance to operate in different surroundings and conditions, learning to cope with crowds, other animals, noise and traffic, obeying basic commands without becoming fearful or distracted.