Dog Training Chania

On the one hand, the right way of communicating with your dog and on the other the recognition, enhancement and development of its skills, are the approaches that will lead to the development of the ideal relationship between you and your dog. Before training lessons start, we make an appointment with you at Dog Village in order to assess both your dog's needs and your own wishes so that together we can choose the right training program (pre-training, basic obedience, protection duties, correction of negative behavior – refusal of food etc.).

The dog’s pre-training can be started from the day that the puppy first comes to your home. Training in basic obedience to correct negative behavior and the refusal of food can be started from the age of 6-8 months, while training for protection duties is carried out only after basic obedience and usually starts at the age of 18-24 months. Any training program of the above is carried out using positive inducement methods, without the use of force, under your supervision and in your presence. The learning of your pet is based on constant repetition and rewards for correct behaviour.

Furthermore, the Dog Village organizes group-training courses for their "students" either held here in our facilities or in various places in town, the goal of which is the constant reinforcing of basic commands and the socializing of your dog with other dogs and humans.

Though we realize that the hectic and demanding pace of modern life may not allow you to spare as much participation time as you would like in the training process, your presence is both desirable and necessary for you to understand the right ways to communicate with your dog. The training process is not just completed through our own work but also with your own daily involvement in all that is taught on the training courses.

The training of your dog should be an ongoing and enjoyable process  for you as well as your dog.

The Dog Village is with you at every stage of your dog’s development, to help you improve your lives together. We are at your disposal for any information you may require and/or to answer any questions you have about dog training.