Chania Dog Hotel

Before your dog’s stay, we invite you to visit the Dog Village to meet you and your dog, to see our facilities and also inform you about the quality of the services that we can offer him.

The accommodation has been built comfortably and safely according to Greek and European legislation. Each dog has its own indoor and outdoor space with interior dimensions 2x2x3 meters and exterior dimensions 2x2x2 meters. The floor is of non-slip tiles and the roof is thermally insulated. In addition there is space for dogs to walk, play and exercise. Every dog is taken for a walk at least twice a day under our supervision and without coming into contact with other dogs. Each room is separated from the others by walls in order to prevent direct contact with other dogs, keeping them calm.

In the mornings, while your dog is in the courtyard, the rooms are cleaned and disinfected and this can be repeated during the day, whenever necessary, to keep conditions really hygienic.
When dogs leave the hotel all utensils are disinfected in preparation for the next arrival. As to the feeding of your dog this is done according to the programme that you determine (quantity and frequency). Drinking water is frequently replenished. Classical music is constantly played in the rooms to keep your dog calm and relaxed.

All of the windows are fitted with screens to keep out midges and mosquitos and, in addition, electric insect repellents operate at night. Since we are resident on the property the dogs are under our personal supervision throughout the day.